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I decided to make a running list of my articles for the Missourian to track my development as a sports reporter. Hope you all enjoy them. (Small Roundup pieces not included) Continue Reading →

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A little easier the second time around

I remember at this time last fall, starting out in the beginner reporting class, I was way too nervous about this whole journalism thing. I didn't really know what work I needed to put in to make it in this... Continue Reading →

End of the semester blog

It's been far too long since I've written here, and for that, I apologize. However, I'm back here and I'm ready to reflect on my semester reporting at the Columbia Missourian. This has been one of the most time-consuming semesters... Continue Reading →

Buster Olney Article

I am, and have been for a long time, a HUGE fan of Buster Olney. The insight he gives readers on Major League Baseball is astounding, and I can't think of a baseball writer who is more respected than him.... Continue Reading →

Bill Simmons Article

Here's another great article I actually read earlier this morning by Bill Simmons about the Philadelphia 76ers. For the last 4+ years, they've been tanking every season in order to capture as many high draft picks as possible. This has... Continue Reading →

Sun-Times article on Derrick Rose

I just want to draw attention to this incredible article featured in the March 2, 2007 issue of the Chicago Sun-Times. The article is a feature on Derrick Rose's legendary high school career at Simeon Career Academy on Chicago's South... Continue Reading →

Fall sports coming to an end

As we get to the end of October, the fall high school sports season is coming to an end. This is where all the skills we've been working on come together. For almost two weeks, we'll have nothing to write... Continue Reading →

Figuring out features

With high school fall sports seasons coming to an end, now is the time where I need to start figuring out features. There won't be many gamers for the next couple weeks, so I'm going to have to rely heavily... Continue Reading →

The Struggle

I've really been struggling to keep up with everything lately. I've had so many conflicts with my busy schedule that budgeting my time is getting harder and harder. My classes are catching up with me, practice for my fraternity's homecoming... Continue Reading →

Changing my outlook on sports

Since I started reporting for the Missourian, I think my outlook on sports has changed quite a bit. I'm getting really into sports that I never had knowledge of, and I'm really understand what goes into each sport. I never... Continue Reading →

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